ron white 

Radio Program Consultant



For over 25 years, Ron White has been helping radio stations increase ratings through product improvement. In each of the three markets where Ron served as a local program director, his stations achieved and maintained #1 12+ status. As operations manager, group VP/Programming, and consultant, he’s worked with over 100 stations in 12 different formats. While his diverse experience includes Rock, Country, News/Talk, Alternative, and Rhythmic, Ron White specializes in the pop music format spectrum. His CHR, Hot AC, Mainstream AC, Oldies, and Classic Hits stations have consistently scored top ratings in their target demos and won competitive format battles. 

Ron White believes that each station and market situation are unique, requiring a customized approach. He provides each client with objective insight and guidance to develop and execute a plan that will achieve and maintain good ratings.     


         80s                                            90s                                         Millennium

WHOT-FM Youngstown                              KEFM Omaha                                        WHTF Tallahassee

     KLYF Des Moines                                KOLL Little Rock                                    KABG Albuquerque

          KGOR Omaha                                       WMHE Toledo                                     WCOO Charleston SC

    WGRD Grand Rapids                           WBZE Tallahassee                                   WYNA Myrtle Beach

    WNDU-FM South Bend                   WZVU Monmouth-Ocean NJ                         WSOY-FM Decatur IL

    KKYK Little Rock                              KOKZ Waterloo IA                                        WSRZ Sarasota

  KRNQ Des Moines                                 WGLO Peoria                                           WLTQ Sarasota

   WSTO Evansville                          WZWW State College PA                                 WTZB Sarasota

        WIBW-FM Topeka                           WKSB Williamsport PA                                 WOLZ Fort Myers