ron white 

Radio Program Consultant


Whether it’s a one-time market assessment, or ongoing help with the “nuts and bolts” of programming, Ron White is ready to help with a customized approach to your station or cluster’s unique challenges. 


A one-time check of your cluster’s programming “health”. Your stations and your competitors are analyzed, followed up with a discussion and report on product and marketing strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and opportunities. It’s fast, objective, affordable, and confidential. And there is no obligation for any ongoing consulting services.


Putting Ron White on your team gives you market exclusivity to any of his services. Whether for a format change or improvement of an existing format, and based on market analysis and discussions with programming and management, he will recommend a customized programming and marketing plan. He will also assist, monitor, and advise on both the implementation and the ongoing maintenance and execution of the plan. 


​Simpler than syndication, HITLAND takes 55+ turnkey programming to a new level for both listeners and broadcasters. Going beyond Classic Hits and much more than Oldies, HITLAND embraces an entire generation's music. HITLAND has no inventory entanglements and resides in-house, so it's never dependent on a satellite signal or internet connection. And Ron White personally custom programs each station.